Free Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets are derived from the techniques found in the forthcoming book Simple Spreadsheets for Hard Decisions, Copyright 2008, Jacoby Consulting. They do not use macros or anything else beyond plain vanilla Excel.

Each spreadsheet has two (or more) worksheets, which you can select by the tabs at the bottom. The one called "About" describes the spreadsheet. The other or others are the model itself. Inputs to the model are in blue. These form an example of a use of the model and can be freely changed. These inputs, as well as the formulas, are merely examples of how the spreadsheet may be used. They should not be construed to represent your situation or investments.

One of the spreadsheets uses the Monte Carlo technique to help you think about random events or fluctuations in an uncertain future. Learn more about random and Monte Carlo models.

Free spreadsheets

Conditions for use: These spreadsheets are Copyright 2006, 2007, Jacoby Consulting, all rights reserved.  

Express permission to transmit, reproduce and modify the spreadsheets contained herein for non-commercial uses is granted, given that ALL copies retain the copyright notice and other proprietary notices contained within the material without any modification.  Numerical results, without underlying equations, may be shared freely without the copyright notice.

All items are provided "as is".  Jacoby Consulting makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, for the applicability of the methods or examples contained herein.  In no event shall Jacoby Consulting be liable for any claim, damages or liability arising from, out of or in connection with the use of any of the spreadsheets contained herein.  Jacoby Consulting is not, and makes no claims to be, a professional financial advisor.  Before making any major decisions, please consult with the appropriate professional. 

First read the Conditions for Use, above, and then click to download any Excel spreadsheet.

Book examples Download all the spreadsheets for the examples in the book.

Quickies Spreadsheets made with only one formula. This is a good way to learn Excel.
Checking account. List checks and deposits and compute balance. 13 KB. Download 
Growth. Predict the growth of an investment, or future cost due to inflation. 13.3KB. Download 
Loan payment. Compute the monthly payment on a fixed loan. 20 KB. Download 
Present value. Compute the present value of future income or expense. 13 KB Download 

Investment Compare investments, predict growth, assess risk
Save for college. Check whether a savings plan for college or some other future need will reach the goal, which goes up with inflation. 24 KB. Download 
Standard or Roth IRA? What is the best long-term use of extra income? 46 KB. Download 
Risk Compare. Compare two investments in terms of the probability of meeting a goal (Monte Carlo). 37 KB. Download 
Retire. Predict income and expenses during all retirement years. 48KB Download 

Trade-offs Balance multiple objectives when choosing among alternatives
Balance. Compare alternatives against several criteria and overall based on the relative importance of each. 28 KB. Download 
Even Swap. Choose among alternatives by mentally trading off advantages and drawbacks. 36KB Download 

Just for Fun This and that
Sudoku Help. This spreadsheet will do the tedious steps of Sudoku puzzles, leaving the big challenges for you. 133 KB. Download 
Sudoku Macro. This is the same as Sudoku Help, but with macros to automate stepping through the puzzle and clearing it for the next one. (This is the only spreadsheet using macros.) 144 KB. Download 
Turkey. Tell this spreadsheet how big your Thanksgiving turkey is and when you want to eat, and it will give you a recipe, with start times for each step. 36 KB. Download 

Money Management Balance your checkbook, plan a budget, compare total costs
Checking Balance. List checks and deposits, compute balance and compare against your bank statement. 36 KB Download 
Contingency. Find out how much budget contingency you'll need to cover multiple items whose costs are not known exactly. (Monte Carlo) 116KB Download 
Life Cycle Cost. Compare the total present value cost, including maintenance and salvage, of items that you will keep for several years. 36KB Download

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